07 March 2012

Sunshine Pains

As much as I love the sun, a little too much vitamin D can be incredibly painful for my skin. When I was younger I could get away with being out in intense sunshine for long periods of time without my skin burning later in the day and the rest of the week. Now, any time I go to the beach I have to be so diligent about applying copious amounts of SPF 50 sunscreen. In the case that I still get burnt, I discovered a quick fix to help soothe the pain. After many trials and errors with different products, I found that aloe vera gel is a very gentle reliever for sunburns.

Aloe vera is unscented, but I think it has a light, natural scent. I apply it several times throughout the day, especially in the morning after I shower and at night. I also like to cover up with soft clothing, so I will usually put on cozy pants and a pullover to protect my skin from anymore sun exposure and allow the aloe to work its magic. 

Lavender oil and lotion are soothing on my sunburns as well, and their scents have helped me sleep countless nights when any slight motion made me aware of my reddened skin.

Regardless if I have a sunburn or not, aloe vera and lavender are both saviors for my skin and I would use them any time of the year for their individual benefits. 

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ecobabe said...

My beauty secret! I love aloe vera.