18 April 2007

Laura - Sustainable Stilettos

My favorite new shoes this week are the stylish pointed toe 4" stiletto heels from the 'Sui Generis' Collection at Beyond Skin. Laura is a drop me at the door shoe for sure, - hybrid of course...

Beyond Skin was born from a combination of frustration and vanity. In the past, attempts to combine fashion and ethics, have generally resulted in one side of the equation being sacrificed. I aim to change this by creating a classic yet unique collection of shoes that are produced in a manner that is non-exploitative to animals or humans and wherever possible the wider environment.

Natalie Dean, Beyond Skins’ creator

Inspired by current trends Sui Generis has fast become the label of choice and has a celebrity following including Natalie Portman, Sadie Frost, Alison Goldfrapp and Chrissie Hynde. I'm with them...these shoes area vegans dream.

16 April 2007

Bel Esprit / Nouveau Collective Trade Show Debuts New Eco Fashion in the Big Apple

Bel Esprit, the juried virtual fashion design showroom, has been invited by the Nouveau Collective trade show to debut two fashion trade shows in New York City. Mondo Bello will present ethical, ecological, cruelty-free and fair trade collections of international designers

Plastic bags as cocktail dresses? Seat belts and car tires as accessories? And who is that designer from that tiny town in Austria? Or Peru? Or Thailand? Bel Esprit, the virtual fashion designer showroom, is inviting designers with a fresh point of view to participate in trade venues

As consumers become more conscious of how their purchasing power affects the world around them, ethical fashion is gaining importance - and chic! The collections invited to participate in Mondo Bello will feature organic fabrics, ecological processes, recycled clothing and materials, and animal-friendly products, all making a wearable and contemporary fashion statement. Companies preserving traditional artisan techniques and supporting the development of sustainable local economies through fair trade, from the farm to the storefront, are also invited to participate.

To promote the principles of ethical fashion worldwide, Bel Esprit is working with The Ethical Fashion Show® in Paris, France to offer exhibit opportunities for designers at both shows. The Ethical Fashion Show® will present the ethical collections of French designers in New York, and exhibitors at the New York show are welcome to participate in the Paris venue in a Bel Esprit exhibit.

Bel Esprit Presents invites young and talented designers from around the world are invited to present their collections to the U.S. audience. To open more doors to young designers, Bel Esprit is working with international trades shows to create exchange programs for designers interested in entering new markets worldwide through group exhibits with Bel Esprit.

This Septembers trade show marks the launch of the new eboutique in the Bel Esprit showroom. “Love at First Sight” offers designer items to retailers for immediate purchase and delivery. Designers sell first quality stock, samples, limited editions or one-of-a-kind pieces. Retailers fill in their inventory between buying trips and try new collections and items in their stores before committing to a formal order. The Bel Esprit Buyer Rewards Program awards retailers with 2% of the merchandise total of orders placed through Bel Esprit, paid from the sales commission charged. Retailers accumulate dollars in their account which they can use to order new collections or purchase items in the eboutique.

The Bel Esprit is all about ethical and sustainable designers. Retail stores can shop the collections and check out the latest eco trade shows worldwide.

Designers interested in participating in Mondo Bello or Bel Esprit Presents may visit the show websites mondobello; belesprit. For more info about Nouveau Collective trade shows, visit nouveaucollective.

12 April 2007

Conscious living with Style!

Five great Spring looks that nurture the body and soul.

Fusing style and sustainability with spa comforts, Jonäno makes ethical fashion choices a breeze. Their ecoKashmere® bamboo is soft and tactile in earthen hues. Five great looks can take you from croissant breakfast to evening an evening in Manhattan.

a Bandeau Dress, a Drape Skirt - Multi-functional wardrobe essentials. The Bandeau Dress is convertible tie to dress that can also be worn as a skirt and packs easily in a weekend travel bag. Designer, Bonnie Siefers, calls this her solution to the dreaded TSA “2 bag carry-on rule”. Additional features to the collection include page boy shorts with the necessary pockets for keys pullover streamlined hoodies and Capri leggings to complete any look this season.

These newest additions to the ecoKashmere® Collection launched in 2005 is fast capturing the attention of premier yoga studios & spas nationwide with their signature luxury yoga and spawear. The collection may be found at specialty boutiques & spas nationwide - including Exhale Yoga Studio, Colorado; ESSPA, Pennsylvania; The Yoga Studio in Washington, DC; and online at www.jonano.com.