27 January 2007

Organic Spas – Baby me Baby

Organic Spa Magazine is about the sustainable side of life wellness, food and fitness, relaxed fashion and of course travel to – what else – organic spas!

Organic spas choose pure and natural healing and beautifying treatments as well as all organic towels and wraps – relaxing to the body mind and spirit.

This Magazine has been a long time in coming. It’s a great place to find out about choices. It’s available both online and in print formats. If you’re the type of person who needs access to info immediately (like me) and who likes to shop online (like me) then the digital format is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you want to curl up and enjoy the great imagery, share a copy with a friend or your whole yoga class, then the print subscription will be your choice. Which ever you choose, check out Organic Spa.

20 January 2007

Custom Eco Couture - Totally Fab

She uses vintage and organic fabrics and works with principles she terms "Eco-Effective design." Anna Mkhitarian owner/designer of Annatarian is all about giving back to the environment, making a positive impact and designing in a way where there is no waste.

You choose your style and fabric (organic cotton, recycled silk, remnants), and with Anna's keen sense direction the end result will be - dare I say magic! They are one-of-a-kind hand dyed, hand painted, beaded, fringed and each comes with it’s own story/history. She puts love and affection into each piece she creates. From bridal gowns to hand beaded fairy dresses each piece of clothing she makes is a work of art.

13 January 2007

Eco Power to the People

Ecological consciousness in fashion and apparel is fast becoming mainstream as eco chic takes over runways and boutiques.

The ethical, moral and sustainable approach to business is taken by hip labels like the Dutch jeans brand Kuyichi, La Victoria, Misericordia, Livity, Stewart & Brown and Jonäno as well as fashion houses like H & M and PeekCloppenburg. Singer Bono of the rock band U2 along with his wife Ali Hewson founded the label Edun, which produces clothes exclusively in developing countries under fair labor conditions.

Ecologically conscious and economically fair clothing is the logical continuation of the organic food trend, said trend researcher Anja Kirig. Their research shows that it is customers who are requesting sustainable alternatives.
It is consumer purchasing power that is directing and spearheading this movement. Power to the people.