15 March 2012

No Light, No Light

This morning I found myself in a tough situation. My power went out and it stayed out for about five hours. Luckily it didn't happen at night, but I still came across some problems that required some creative thinking. Let's just say that it is possible to take a shower just by the light of a laptop. Because of what happened, I realized that if the power had gone out at night and I did need to work or maneuver around my house, I'd need some alternative form of light that was not my laptop, especially considering my laptop's battery died ten minutes after my shower. As someone who always had candles growing up, I couldn't believe that in a time of serious need, I had zero ready and waiting. Almost immediately as I realized this, I chuckled and got to thinking that this was an opportune moment to check out some homemade candles and see how possible it is to make some of my own.

I really love how these candles are made from homemade wax placed into repurposed glass jars. The colors are so bright and would burn beautifully in the dark. 

Even better is utilizing teacups as wax holders and making colored wax to accent the cups. The one below is very sweet:

 I usually like to buy tea candles in bulk and place those into spare cans or jars that I have no other use for.

Now I'm so inspired to go make some of my own. Next time there is a power outage, my house will be glowing.

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ecobabe said...

I especially love the recycled tea canister candles...they are so colorful. I will definitely try this idea. THANK YOU!!!