12 November 2012

Visual Inspiration For The Week

A few things that will be on my mind this week when looking for inspiration for crafting, creating, thrifting, and enjoying:
 Fashion Inspired Decorations

Porcelain Shoe and Hat Figurines
I love clothing-inspired accessories almost as much as the real thing and I'll be searching antique stores and thrift stores to find more favorites to add to my collection. 
Intriguing Artwork

Brian Dettmer Prehistoric Societies, 2011, Allegheny College Re-ContTEXT: Book as Object
 The piece, Prehistoric Societies was one of the many interesting book inspired exhibits at my schools recent gallery show, Re-ConTEXT: Book as Object.  As an extreme reading junkie and book lover, it not only gave me a nice chance to take a break from studying and enjoy art, but also to re-imagine the way I see books and to think about the transformations an object can make (especially important as a lover of all things upcycled and repurposed!)

Possible Craft Projects  
Beaded Doll Jewelry
A friend of mine received this hand-me down necklace from a co-worker, and I can think of several beadwork projects that I might be inspired to take on after seeing this hand-crafted necklace and wanting one of my own. 
Upcycling and Crafting Combo Ideas   
Repurposed Silverware Art

Flowered Lamps

I often collect old saucers and cups for the sheer prettiness they evoke.  Aside from a few that serve as catch-alls or jewelry holders, most don't get a lot of use.  These pieces, done by local crafters really have my mind turning, thinking of new ways to re-use those pretty old plates that would otherwise end up as unwanted clutters on the thrift store shelf, or mismatched settings that would remain unused.