28 March 2012

Music: Therapeutic for Humans and Plants

Coming from a family with a passion for classical music and a brother who is a classical musician himself, I  always look to this genre when I need to study or feel a sense of calm. For awhile I have heard that classical music is very therapeutic for plant life and I love the idea that plants can be moved by this style of music just like humans. 

Several studies show that plants exposed to softer classical music were healthier and had better growth. The studies also found that when the music was loud and composed of electric guitars and percussion instruments, the plants' health and growth suffered. 

The picture up above shows an installation that pairs specific music with individual plants. 

"Living together as lovers, hanging in connected papooses made from reused shopping bags, a plant is paired with a speaker playing sounds and songs especially chosen and made for the plant."

Romantic, isn't it?

I decided to put Dustin O'Halloran on my Pandora to test this claim firsthand. Even though I knew that I wouldn't see an immediate response from my plants, if they felt as good as I did then eventually they would be singing.

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ecobabe said...

Music heals and nurtures. I am so blessed to have music in my life.