05 February 2013

Fun Trashion Accessories You Can Find on Etsy

I have explored Etsy's website in the past because I think it's a cool place to look for one of a kind items to purchase and a place to get creatively inspired for my own projects.  Recently I have had more time to look at the offerings available on the site and have found myself pleasantly surprised to see that among the many crafts made with traditional supplies, there are also many people using upcycled materials to make intriguing stuff, "trashion" that is.  They even have an Etsy Trashion Blog that is composed of Etsy sellers who focus on recycling and upcycling found and discarded materials, according to their site.
While there are many people online selling items they call "trashion" (some of which are less than fashionable or creative to put it nicely)  there are also creative individuals using re-purposed  items and traditional "trash" items to make very cool and very chic products, many of which are sellers on this site.
Here are some of my recent favorites:

Dr. Pepper Earrings - wearwolf Etsy

Home Decor Items

Cork decorated wall hanging - KristinRebecca Etsy

 jewelry made from watch and computer parts - sleeplessstoryteller Etsy


Plastic Grocery Bag Clutch -Ekisa Paper Beads Etsy
More Jewelry
Upcycled Cuff Bracelet - truformjewelry Etsy