27 April 2011

Fresh Fashion Pt. 3: Finger Licking Fashion

Rounding out the top three of the series, is fashion that is closer to home than you may think. In fact most of the fabric, or should I say ingredients, is in your home as you read this.
These featured designs are fashions that serve many purposes and looks like it can be seen on the latest runway show, but can be bought at a local market.
Red Tomatoes

I have been aware of designers creating pieces that were considered edible fashion, or fashion which uses food as its predominant choice for fabric, but this designer and her designs take a very different and dare I say, normal, approach to the idea. And who would have ever thought “normal” would be so unconventional.

The designer is Korean artist, Sung Yeonju, who used everything from tomatoes to bread, to design the collection entitled ‘Wearable Foods’.

What I love most about the designs, is that they can very easily come off as looking like an assignment from a challenge on Project Runway, however they actually look like beautiful, avant-garde pieces that I can see celebrities wearing on a red carpet.

As an added bonus, many of the fruits and vegetables that were used were organically grown.
Sung has designed more traditional, wearable fashion, however, it is these designs that make me want to follow her future as she continues to grow as a designer.

20 April 2011

Fresh Fashion Pt. 2: Techno Fashion

Like any romantic fairytale, this one is no different. Fashion met technology and technology met fashion. It was love at first sight and the two have been inseparable ever since. This story book romance has come to life in a remarkable way, now that fashion has reached the point where it can harness renewable energy.

California based company, Silvr Lining (Yes, Silvr, not Silver), includes three different brands that incorporate not only high-end fashion, but high-tech as well. Their brand GO Collection, has taken the possibilities of merging fashion and technology to new heights while still designing aesthetically pleasing merchandise.

 The brand designs fashionable organic sportswear made out of animal-friendly ultra-suede with integrated solar power panels that have the capability to charge personal mobile devices. 

 So much for the excuse, “my phone died and I didn’t have anywhere to charge it.” All you need now is a pocket and the sun, who would have ever thought?

Their most recent design is a pair of cargo pants with a pair of built-in photovoltaic panels on two easy-access side pockets. The pants, along with most of the brand, are pretty pricey costing at $920, however, the light weight, stain resistant low-slung drawstring trouser is well before its time so the price tag isn’t as shocking as it may seem.

These designs give everything that is needed for the eco-minded, tech-savvy, fashionista; a target audience that I am unsure as to whether or not had a concrete outlet to turn to in the past.

 I am constantly amazed at how fashion is evolving and the minds that are creating them as well. It really makes me want to sit back and wait to see what they come up with next, and what crazy thing will they do that time…

13 April 2011

Fresh Fashion Pt. 1: Birds of a Feather, Walk Together?

*I am beginning a series of blog post, where I will highlight different and new designs/designers. In a time where originality can easily be stiffened by society, let’s look and applaud those who continue to break the mold and reshape it with their designs.*

One of the best things about fashion is the freedom that comes with it. There are no rules to personal style and essentially what you think is “cool” is cool.
I was recently brought to attention of an interesting, complex Israeli shoe designer by the name of Kobi Levi. It’s not so much his designs that are complex; it is his creative, innovative mind that leaves me puzzled.
One of his newest collections is a series where his inspiration comes from a rather peculiar place.
The “Bird Series” is nothing like I have ever seen before, so different, yet so…modern. It immediately made me wonder how no one has ever thought of this before.
Immediately the “Swan” stands out to me. A white pump can be stellar in most cases, however, the detail on the heel, takes a basic and transforms it into something fresh that would look great with another wardrobe staple, a little black dress.
While continuing to look through Levi’s past collections, you will constantly be amazed and see that the best part about his style is that the shoes are actually…practical and can be effortlessly mixed with the everyday girl’s closet.
Looking at his designs, I hope gives some inspiration to others to begin seeking other outlets and ideas when coming up with your next creative piece of art. Go somewhere you have never been, do something you have always wanted to do, or even go back and reassess things you may have brushed off in the past. You will be surprised with what you come up with next, who knows it may be something as close as what lies in your back yard.
Unfortunately for us, as of now, you will are unable to go to a store and pick up his creations. All of his shoes are made to order, so that requires you to “fly” some distance, however anything worth having is worth going to get.
In the meantime, checkout Kobi’s website and continue to be inspired: http://kobilevidesign.blogspot.com/

09 April 2011

Eco Pop Up Shop in the Big Apple

One of the newest shopping crazes is the phenomenon of the pop up shop.

Often designers bring one of a kind samples to these short but so sweet events lasting from a couple of hours to sometimes (if we are lucky) as long as a week.

If you are in New York City, be sure to stop by this Thursday, April 14th for an evening of ethically driven flash in Manhattan.

There will be many, many delightful eco fashion and accessories items available for immediate sale for mindful men and women.

Cocktails will be served to attendees and there will even be an eco make up station sponsored by Kroma all natural botanical makeup. If you can't make it, be sure to visit Global Fashion Brand and check out Eco Pop Up Shop Designs online, retailing only the best in eco/ethical fashions.

The event will be held at the Nexus Townhouse (39 West 56th Street, 4th Floor) from 6pm – 9pm. Several eco brands will be on display and for sale including: Ailin, Chak Chel, Moonlight, Vella Mode, Boutique Ethique, Tammam, Elena Garcia, Tompkins Point and Jonano.

Also joining the sustainable roster will be two non-profit collections that are ethical in more ways than one: Care For Kenya and Project Migration. In short, Care For Kenya has partnered with Show Me Your Mumu with proceeds giving back to an impoverished women’s group in Kenya, and Project Migration’s collection will go towards providing clean water and medical supplies in East Africa.

Spearheading this focus on eco, CEO Kerry Bannigan says, “Earth Month is a great time to highlight ethical fashion... to celebrate the brands that practice fair trade but also to remind consumers of the trends and wearable products within sustainable fashion.”

The virtual pop-up store will launch on April 1st at: www.globalfashionbrands.com/earthmonth. The online pop-up store will feature independent ethical brands ranging from ready-to-wear men’s and womenswear to handbags and accessories. Keeping the earth in mind, 10% of all proceeds will go to the Red Cross, giving back to the relief efforts in Japan.

To RSVP for this event: GFB@amp3pr.com
and I will see you there!

06 April 2011

Sharing a Bit of Metta and More

Just back from a quick trip to the left coast and wanted to share a little bit of sunshine with you. I was in LA for a runway event to raise money for the Tsunami Relief Fund and had time out to partake in one of my favorite pastimes...chillin' at the beach.

I love the simplicity of life wave-side and the rhythm of the surf, but best of all, I really love to people watch folks that also enjoy my favorite spots. They always are wearing a friendly smile and often some cool eco fashion, too.

Dutch designer Jane Stroink is one such eco designer whose craft can be found at the hippest beaches. Jane makes beach ready recycled blankets for her company, LADAK. I have always wanted to trek through the Ladak region of India and this blanket would make the perfect sleeping mat for that journey on my own bucket list.

LADAK blankets are each unique as they are crafted of recycled sweaters, blankets, jeans and parts of mattresses. They are then ornately decorated with ribbons and rich fabrics.

Each blanket is uniquely handcrafted and machine washable but best of all, 15% of LADAK‘s profits will be donated to an Amsterdam shelter for the homeless.