29 February 2012

Mind Set On Spring

The bottom of today's front page of the New York Times had a small picture of a bee gathering nectar from the brightest yellow of flowers. While the article focused on an experimental garden at the New York Botanical Garden, it only had me craving warm weather and sundresses. With the hype of New York Fashion Week winding down, a lot of people's minds are already looking towards fall 2012, but at the moment I only have eyes for light fabrics and gorgeous pastels. In the spirit of that article and yellow flower, I looked for some escapism from the inescapable dreary weather.

These outfits are very nature-inspired and exude positive vibes with the extensive presence of white and yellow. Yellow is not my favorite color when it comes to clothing, but it does provide me with a dose of sunshine and happiness and in the final stretch of winter, this is exactly what I need.