31 May 2010

Runway Trend: Upcycling!

If the eco fashion lines had one thing in common with the rest of the conventional collections strutting runways this spring, it’s that they could be just as outrageous, glamorous, and fabulous as the best of them. Yes, organic and sustainable clothing is breaking through the image of baggy beige pants and “I Heart the Earth” t-shirts, reinventing itself into the multi-layered, far-reaching and diverse aesthetic that is necessary for this once pocketed trend to explode onto the mainstream. From JoAnn Berman’s fierce and feisty upcycled streetwear designs, to Deux FM’s and Gary Harvey’s Hollywood gala gowns, designers have accepted the challenge that is a more sustainable style and are running, waltzing, and breakdancing with it.

One very brightly colored and visable trend to grace the greener runways this season is working with upcycled materials. Dresses composed of copies of the Financial Times, beauty cream sample packages, old laundry bags (laundered themselves, we hope), and knotted souvenier scarves from around the world were transformed into red carpet ready gowns by designer Gary Harvey. Joann Berman took a different take on the trend, stitching everything from old t-shirts to brightly painted football shoulderpads together for an electric look ready for bold rockstars to rock them. Of course one of the great or unfortunate things about these upcylced pieces, is that each is one of a kind, its own unique work of art defined by the limitations of what the dumpster, or bargain bin at the Goodwill, or limits of your creativity, allows as fabric fodder.

20 May 2010

Jonäno Lingerie Auction and Fashion Show for the Cure

Pittsburgh's Firehouse Lounge came alive with belly dancers, lady rappers and fine eco fashion and art at the Susan G Komen benefit party for the cure. A cornucopia of local talent, the night raised funds for the Komen Foundation, raised spirits of the survivors and supporters present, and raised glasses all around as part of Couchange's Drink for the Cure event.

Jonäno presented a fashion show showcasing some of the line's favorite classic pieces, such as the Convertible Bandeau Dress, alongside fresh blooming pieces from their 2010 Spring and Summer Collection. With amazing flower nymph inspired hair and makeup by innovative stylist Marta Anyse Napoleone, and a whimsical introduction by newly relocated rapper/storyteller Bamboo, the models helped highlight fashion that not only looks and feels amazing, but contributes to the healthier world we all work towards through Jonäno's sustainable growing practices and innovative textile production.

The show was capped off by an auction of three EcoLux lingerie looks in eye popping shades of raspberry, ocean aqua, and chartreuse, raising additional funds for the Komen Foundation, which works in the realm of breast cancer education, advocacy, and research. A favorite charity of designer Bonnie Siefers, who lost her mother to breast cancer at a young age, Jonäno raises additional money for breast cancer research year round through the sale of their Peace Silk and Linen Scarves available at www.jonano.com

Designer Spotlight: Hafsteinn Juliusson

Milano- It's green, it's fuzzy, it's ALIVE! Up and coming Icelandic designer Hafsteinn Juliusson's living jewelry incorporates growing moss into sleek, streamlined stainless steel rings and necklaces. Described as designed for the metropolitan among us, Juliusson's Growing Jewlery is a self described "experiment in drawing nature toward man, as nature being the presupposition of life."

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e of my other favorite projects of his, "Ride it to Light", incorporates community, bikes, and light into one underscored ecological message that is both participatory and relevant to the streets of Milan. Head over to http://www.hafsteinnjuliusson.com/ to see more of Juliusson's innovative creations.