10 July 2012

Receive No Evil

I'm a big believer in maintaining a positive attitude and surrounding myself with positive energy. Even in darker times when it's difficult to be happy, I allow the negative feelings to have a brief period of time and then focus my mind back to a better state.
Recently I learned of something called the evil eye bracelet. I have always heard the phrase "Don't give me the evil eye," but I had no idea that people wore bracelets to ward off this look.


In ancient times people carried around different types of talismans to protect themselves from enemies or people who wished them harm by giving them the evil eye. Supposedly, one look could cause sickness and misfortune. Even those who were most superstitious believed compliments could cause physical or mental harm. Depending on their location and culture, the talismans usually had a small blue (or green) and white oval shape in the center, otherwise known as the evil eye. It was thought that these talismans would deflect the bad energy and send it back to the source.

An outdoor market in Instanbul. 

It is easy to understand why people took these measures so many years ago, especially considering they had no answers for sickness or couldn't comprehend the real cause of "bad luck." Even now I understand why people have bought into this practice, but while I believe it is really just a case of mind over matter, others do need something tangible to hold onto. Regardless of my beliefs, I searched around online to learn more about the evil eye and the jewelry that has developed from this idea. I came across some very unique collections that go beyond bra. Even if they are designed for protection, you can't help but recognize that they are also statement pieces.





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Bonnie Siefers said...

The evil eye is used everywhere in Istanbul...many cars hang one from the rear view mirror for "luck"

Thanks for sharing these great finds and their inspirations.