11 July 2012

Kim Kardashian-Inspired Initial Earrings

Both her fashion choices and her relationship decisions land reality television star Kim Kardashian in a consistent slew of media headlines. Whether or not Kim is in love with Kanye West or is just having fun really doesn't matter much to me, but what I do find really interesting is her choice of accessories. Her initial displaying earrings are small, but make a bold personal statement and the simple gold is really chic, so much so that it inspired my most recent do-it-yourself project. 

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I'm sure it would be easy enough to buy a similar pair, but I thought it might be fun to try and make my own.  I used an old pair of earrings and a few cheap supplies and am pretty happy with the results.  Here's what I did:

1. First I gathered supplies: hot glue, foam letters, gold acrylic paint, craft crystals, and old earrings. 

2. Then I picked the foam letters I needed for each earring and removed the excess foam pieces.

3. After that I peeled the adhesive off the back of the foam letters and flipped the letters upside down.

4. Next, I stuck the letters to the old pair of earrings to make sure they fit nicely.

5. After checking the fit, I removed the letters and used hot glue for a more permanent application.

 6. Once the glue had dried, I began painting the letters with gold acrylic paint. 

7. I had to do several coats to get a finished gold look, letting each coat dry in between. 


8. Once painted with several coats, the earrings began to more closely resemble gold earrings.

9. For a finishing touch, I added small craft rhinestones, using tweezers and hot glue to place the stones. 

10. To complete the look, I removed excess glue and added earring backs.

The project worked out great: it gave me a trendy accessory that allows me to make a statement,  to share the one I love, or even to show some self-love by displaying my own initials if I decide to make another pair.  And if you change boyfriends more than you change earrings, this project is perfect because the earrings cost less than ten dollars to make and you are left with extra supplies in case you need to switch up the letters.  

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Anonymous said...

This is a really great idea! I'm always one for a do-it-yourself accessory that is super simple and cute to top it off. Have you thought of sharing your blog post on Pinterest? I'm sure tons of other 'do-it-yourselfers' would love to see this.