06 July 2012

From Old Shirt to Stylish Something New: Updating Basics for a New Look

A basic black suit jacket is always in style, but it is always fun to update the classic look with new twists on the traditional black blazer each season.  This classy black ensemble  from Chloe Pre fall 2012 has me once again remembering why blazers are such an integral part of my wardrobe and thinking of ways to update some of the less than streamlined versions I have in my closet from years past.

Chloe Prefall 2012 Black Suit

Recently, I found an interesting way to update an old black blazer, cropping the top and using and old textured t-shirt trim to jazz it up.  I even made a chic textured pillowcase from the same old t-shirt, and it all started with a trip through my mother's closet.

There have been plenty of times when I have rifled through my own closet and thought to myself, "Why on Earth did I buy that outfit".   I had a similar reaction when I came across a shirt like this green one below in the back of my mother's  unwanted things:

My mom's version of the shirt was black, and slightly less unattractive, still it was a shirt that I couldn't imagine looking good on most people.  The material felt nice and I could see how it might be appealing on a mannequin,  but not on a real body.  I thought maybe it would be a nice fabric to reuse for a craft project.

The ruffled texture, which seems to be the most appealing part of the shirt, makes any woman's chest look strange, no matter what size she is.  The silky fabric's texture however, makes it perfect for repurposing an old pillow and adding some texture to a neutral toned room.

A chic new throw pillow for my couch

In a matter of five minutes, I was able to recycle an old shirt into something new.  I had the leftover sleeves from the original t-shirt and since I was just going to throw them away, I decided to see if I could use them in another craft project.

I had a previously purchased thrift store suit jacket that I was adjusting to make more wearable and I found a clever use for the extra ruffled fabric from the previous project, as an accessorizing material for the jacket.  I had already taken the old jacket, cutting out shoulder pads and altering it to have a  form fitting appearance. The addition of the ruffled fabric to the ends of the sleeves made a nice final touch. 

1. The first thing I did in creating this look was find a piece to accessorize.

2. Next, I sewed a simple cuff in the sleeve to give the suit a more polished look.

3. Thirdly, I located a spot for adding trim and secured the additional fabric with pins.

4. Then I attached the trim to the sleeves for a feathered look with flair.

5. For a second look, I considered using the leftover material from the t-shirt to create designs on the back of the cropped suit jacket.

6. Finally, I had my mom model the finished look: an updated blazer with a ruffled trim on the end of quarter-length sleeves. The lightweight material and the open blazer fit make it perfect for covering up a summer dress on chilly nights. 

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