16 September 2011

What Audrey Wore

My love for film and fashion collide when I think about starlets like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, The Great Katherine Hepburn.  I have a gala to attend this weekend and was flipping through my clippings of fashion favorites for inspiration.  The long gloves, veiled pillbox hat, dainty kitten heels speak to me in ways that make me so glad to be a woman.

Vintage continues to trend with strong influences on the runways in Milan, New York and Paris. Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Tori Burch, and Bill Blass continue to shine with looks that often harken back to simpler, more elegant times that bring a tone of nostalgia to the runway.

Vintage Inspired Spring 2012 Collections

Whether it is a new Vintage inspired look with a twist or the incorporation of true fashion finds of the ages, the key to pulling of a vintage look without coming off as old fashioned or “cute” is the key.
Stars such as Drew Barrymore, Mandy Moore, Winona Ryder, and Chloe Sevigny spark red carpet buzz when they don their trademark time piece fashions and win “best dressed” list year after year.

Chloe Sevigny

Winona Rider
Drew Barrymore

Vintage clothing is so much more than just used clothes. It’s clothing that had style back in its time and which continues to have style today even though the era when it was originally made is long gone. Some of the vintage finds even come from celebrities who have used them in movies and then offloaded them when they were done wearing them.

Over the years I have found that shopping in upscale resale and vintage boutiques and hidden gems off the beaten path, I can get great vintage looks in top condition. These stores include Decades Inc in LA and Jim Smiley Vintage Clothing in Manhattan. 

I also love to visit flea markets when traveling abroad for that “something something” that makes an outfit really pop. 

Hope to find that ”something something” this weekend and let my inner vintage vixen shine.

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Julia said...

Audrey is a real fashion icon and an inspiration to us all. Her style has lasted throughout the decades. Nowadays you can still find many designers looking for their muse in Audrey's great fashion style.

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