29 September 2011

Hippest Squeeze in the Bul

I am sitting here in the friendliest juice bar in Istanbul.  Last time I was in this fair city I discovered Cuppa Juice bar and was charmed by the atmosphere, organic faire and cafe cat. Now I feel like its a home away from home.

This morning I started the day with a concoction of fresh fruits, veggies and herbs blended to yummy perfection, caffe americano and a platter of fresh cucumbers and baby tomatoes served with toasted homade bread and organic pesto dipping spread.  I booked all of my meet ups here today, and am sitting in the southern facing open window enjoying the afternoon warmth. 

Cuppa Juice
The owner, Dinc Togrol is always here, and today I heard him speaking English with me, turning around and conversing in German with other guests then back to Turkish and can't help but wonder just how many languages he does speak? 

The walls are a bright green and painted on the way it says (in Turkish) "All veggies and fruits are freshly squeezed with care."  Located in the Cihangir neighborhood of Istanbul on Yeni Yuva, the cafe is frequented by expats, artists and cool cats of both the human and feline variety.  The menu includes lots of vegetarian dishes and the kitchen is always glad to accommodate special requests.

Although a bit off the beaten path, bohemian Cihangir has long been popular among antiquarians and hipsters alike.Wandering in and around the spiderweb of cobblestone streets its easy to get lost in the sights and smells. Shopkeeps are very laid back and happy to give you a tour of their ateliers

While the area checkout Mariposa, a charming little retro-themed shop that carries a range of colorful clothing as their own line. They tailor make to order as per your design. Another great boutique, Berrin Akyuz, specializes in re-worked vintage clothing items as well as new pieces with a romantic feel. A favorite among locals, the store carries unique accessories.

 I just can not get enough of this place.

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