21 September 2011

Up Up and Away

Packing for a light getaway?  I go by the rule of 8 – eight lucky wardrobe pieces get to travel with me and I always leave extra room in my travel case just in case I adopt a new addition en route.

Two dresses, two skirts, one pair jeans, one sweater, one lace camisole, one jacket are the standard selections for a trip lasting one week or longer.  Funny thing is that if I pack more, I usually stick to the core eight essentials anyway.  Shoes and accessories are of course a must addition, and I do not go by the comfort comes first rule as let’s face it, the trimmings make the outfit.

Many recommend rolling instead of folding.  I really feel it depends on the garment.  I still like hanger bags as they make unpacking quick and easy, but must admit to rolling, folding, stuffing and even layering and wearing to make the carry on work for the return tour.  

If you watched the dapper George Clooney in “Up in the Air”, or William Hurt in “The Accidental Traveler” you witnessed mastery at the art of packing the rolling carry on bag. For every pound of weight shed from a plane, 14,000 gallons of fuel are spared per year. 
Heyes EcoCase

I like to start with a “right sized” bag as the bigger the bag the more stuff manage to port along with me. The sleek EcoCase by Heyes 3 Piece Set comes in plenty of color options and is made from 100% recycled plastic. More rugged eco-friendly bags include Sativa Bags , made of organically grown hemp/cotton and Ecolution , offering a roomy hemp duffel.

Trunk-style suitcases swathed in luxury leather, cavernous doctor’s bags and military canvas are just some of the styles available as vintage finds and retro repros.

Technological advancements may have brought us super lightweight cases, durable wheels, and even electric suitcases, but the lure of a stylish vintage case is pure magic.
Dunhill's Bladon Bag

Dunhill’s vintage Bladon bag takes its name from the English village where Winston Churchill is buried – he was a loyal customer of the brand. The company is debuting a new line of gentleman’s heirloom luggage dubbed the Bladon Leather collection. With a nod to history.

Globe-Trotter "Candy" Limited Edition

The company is not the only baggage manufacturer to look back for inspiration. Globe-Trotter has collaborated with Hackett on retro repros including the limited edition “Candy.”  This hot pink sweetie is super eye-catching with delicious burgundy leather trim and lining.

The only question I have now is will it fit in the overhead bin?

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