27 April 2011

Fresh Fashion Pt. 3: Finger Licking Fashion

Rounding out the top three of the series, is fashion that is closer to home than you may think. In fact most of the fabric, or should I say ingredients, is in your home as you read this.
These featured designs are fashions that serve many purposes and looks like it can be seen on the latest runway show, but can be bought at a local market.
Red Tomatoes

I have been aware of designers creating pieces that were considered edible fashion, or fashion which uses food as its predominant choice for fabric, but this designer and her designs take a very different and dare I say, normal, approach to the idea. And who would have ever thought “normal” would be so unconventional.

The designer is Korean artist, Sung Yeonju, who used everything from tomatoes to bread, to design the collection entitled ‘Wearable Foods’.

What I love most about the designs, is that they can very easily come off as looking like an assignment from a challenge on Project Runway, however they actually look like beautiful, avant-garde pieces that I can see celebrities wearing on a red carpet.

As an added bonus, many of the fruits and vegetables that were used were organically grown.
Sung has designed more traditional, wearable fashion, however, it is these designs that make me want to follow her future as she continues to grow as a designer.

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