06 April 2011

Sharing a Bit of Metta and More

Just back from a quick trip to the left coast and wanted to share a little bit of sunshine with you. I was in LA for a runway event to raise money for the Tsunami Relief Fund and had time out to partake in one of my favorite pastimes...chillin' at the beach.

I love the simplicity of life wave-side and the rhythm of the surf, but best of all, I really love to people watch folks that also enjoy my favorite spots. They always are wearing a friendly smile and often some cool eco fashion, too.

Dutch designer Jane Stroink is one such eco designer whose craft can be found at the hippest beaches. Jane makes beach ready recycled blankets for her company, LADAK. I have always wanted to trek through the Ladak region of India and this blanket would make the perfect sleeping mat for that journey on my own bucket list.

LADAK blankets are each unique as they are crafted of recycled sweaters, blankets, jeans and parts of mattresses. They are then ornately decorated with ribbons and rich fabrics.

Each blanket is uniquely handcrafted and machine washable but best of all, 15% of LADAK‘s profits will be donated to an Amsterdam shelter for the homeless.

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