14 May 2012

City Girl Goes Camping

There is something magical about sleeping in a tent. Maybe it's the separation from electrical utilities or the distinct sounds from the animals, but I have come to really appreciate sleeping in nature. The absence of light pollution also creates such an organic surrounding that allows you to appreciate the real beauty of the universe.

For many years I had been very skeptical about sleeping on something other than my bed. I had camped with my family when I was a child, but last year was my first chance to give it a go after such a long time. One night I stayed at a campground that I had previously camped at with my family, which was surreal and brought back many memories. The next night, though, I took a chance and camped on a beach. Yeah, there was always a bit of sand to brush out of the inside, but getting to watch the sun set and wake up to the sun rise with the calm sounds of the water was priceless. I had nowhere to be and no to-do lists. That short getaway was incredibly rejuvenating. Eliminating all of the electronics that run my life helped me to get back to myself. Something this city girl really needed then and is finding she needs now.

This is a pretty makeshift tent, but realistically would not be suitable to sleep in unless the natural climate offered warm nights.

An interesting option, even though it does not provide much privacy. 

These are tents from Shelter Co., a company that actually sets up campsites for large groups of people. While not as pocket friendly as just owning your own tent, the company provides many services and options to make you comfortable in your camping experience, such as a carpeted floor and lighting. I think that kind of defeats the purpose of camping, but to each their own. 

Tents designed for rock climbers. I prefer my tent to be firmly planted on the ground thank you very much. 

My kind of setting. 

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Alec said...

I would love to be able to try some of these options out....have you ever considered doing some kind of field research on these many tenting options?