30 May 2012

Can't Get Enough Color

One trend that I can't get enough of is the color blocking and bright colors of spring. The  playful dresses and funky color pairings continue to impress me and inspire my summer wardrobe  choices. I really like the bold pieces and pairings that seem to perfectly capture the boldness of summer fashion.  Eye catching pieces like these  by Martha Streck suggest an adventurous fashion that involves statement pieces and bright colors that are perfect for summer.

Martha Streck Elle Brazil

Martha Streck Elle Brazil

These pieces are most interesting because of the whimsy they evoke.  This one is muter but its
structural details of a bow and ruffle make the feminine frock quite fun.  I love the idea of a cute sundress inspired by the color block trends for a fun daytime event like tea or brunch.

Marie Claire

The more elegant pieces featuring bold color combinations are even more interesting to me. The color blocked look can be incorporated into evening wear in the form of longer dresses and non neon pieces. I like this look because the rich, jewel tone colors suggest a more put together ensemble but still evoke the fun and whimsy of the trend.

Color Block Vogue

I've always been a fan of bold colored statement pieces and I'm excited to experiment with new trends and more color combinations this summer.  Some of my favorite pieces were from the Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 collection and I decided to see if I could fashion a similar outfit out of the brights already in my own closet.

 Nanette Lepore

Since I just donated a ton of clothing to Goodwill and my closet is still overflowing, I decided this look would be perfect for a quick diy project. 

My Overflowing Closet

I had a lot  of brightly colored pieces to choose from but I finally settled on an old t-shirt from my crafting supplies and a pink skirt from a few seasons back.  I spent five minutes on the t-shirt: making a triangular cut-out, cropping the top, and adding a bow.  The skirt was still in good condition and needed no adjustments to create a comparable look.  For a final touch, I added a low-cost, store-bought hat to protect my face from the summer sun.

Nanette Lepore inspired DIY outfit

Because I like the trend so much I'll probably create a few more do-it-yourself versions of runway looks. For the summer, I prefer more laid back outfits like the two below, which offer the same attitude as the other looks, but offer a more comfortable style and freedom of ease.

Peter Som Marie Claire

Mod Cloth

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