11 April 2012

New Favorites from TerraCycle®

What's even better than recycling your old, unused stuff and garbage? ---Finding someone who will do it for you and will use it to make fun purses, duffle bags, and even wristlets.  TerraCycle® is a waste fighting company who does just that, recycling and upcycling materials that are typically thought of as non-recyclable (things like food and drink wrappers, newspapers, and trash cans) and turning them into new products.  The products range from things like purses and pencil holders and to larger products like compost bins,  all of which can be purchased either online through the TerraCycle ® website or in stores like Wal-Mart© and Target©.  Participants can even join waste collection programs to send in their own trash and earn money for charity organizations.  All of the products are practical and keep waste products out of landfills, but there are a few items that really catch the eye of an eco-fashionista. 

One of my favorites is the Reverse Printed Wrapper Hearts Wristlet®. The wristlet, made from discarded potato chip bags, is crafted from the reverse side of the chip bag, yet it remains compact, cute, and mostly unnoticeable as a former piece of trash.

Another cool find from TerraCycle® is the Bicycle Chain Picture Frame®. The frame comes in both pink and silver and is a nice subtle way to incorporate a touch of upcycled style into your life. 

The Pulltab shoulder bag® is also a stylish way to help the planet while completing your outfit with an intriguing accessory. 


 Finally finishing off my list of current favorites is the Circut Board Desk Clock®.
The clock is both sylish and useful and is one of several products made from the upcycled circuit boards, and could be purchased to complement the Circuit Board Coasters

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