15 April 2012

Bario-Neal: sustainable jewelry, lasting impression

I like to think of jewelry as a staple in my life, but the truth is, I like it much better on other women. Each time I put on a "statement piece" to go along with a basic outfit, I end up taking it off because in my eyes it comes off as too gaudy. What seems to never fail me, though, is my simple gold and silver entwined ring and basic silver earrings. Those are pieces that I instinctively grab no matter the occasion. Unfortunately, my indecisiveness has kept me from making more jewelry purchases because I haven't found anything that spoke to me like my rings or earrings. When I discovered Bario-Neal jewelry, I instantly knew that I had found my jewelry savior.

Isn't the packaging so neat?

Bario-Neal's jewelry is simplistic, yet beautiful and organic. I love that the pieces are not comprised of much, but they speak in volumes and I can slip on a ring or bracelet with any outfit I choose to wear. Even better is what they are made from. Each piece is unique and consists of recycled and ethically-sourced material. Beautiful jewelry that was made in a way not harmful to the environment. That says more to me than any other kind of statement piece I've attempted to wear. 

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ecobabe said...

The packaging is so inventive!!! And reusable too. Love it.