01 December 2011

Love Letters vs. Love Emails

Will Stamps be Obsolete by 2050?

A few years ago, when my grandmother passed away, I discovered a tattered scrapbook tucked away in her cedar hope chest.  She had saved all of the love letters between her and my grandfather before they were married, when he was stationed overseas.  Can you imagine using an international courier service every time you wanted to say ‘I love you’?  Now, when my partner travels we email each other.  Most epistolary relationships use the sustainability of the web to communicate today.  But, what will our grandchildren find? 

There won’t be yellowed letters with tear stained ink, or musty envelopes with foreign postage.  We’ll have to leave them a password to unlock our romance. The words of our generation have been rendered immortal, hanging in the great clouds of information that make up the web. The art of delicate handmade stationary and practiced calligraphy is dwindling in favor of sustainable and expedient email.  It is a trade off. 

The Lost Art of Letter-writing
Maybe we should all incorporate a little bit of both: personalized notes on eco friendly stationary and emails to leave our legacy of love.  The emails can’t be destroyed in a house fire or lost in a hurricane.  Emotion is expressed in penmanship that typed words lack; however, the ease of a delete key makes for a well-crafted draft.  How will you write your next love letter?  
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Joya said...

Very interesting! Great post about Love Letters vs. Love Emails...... I have to say love I preferred love letters because OLD IS GOLD.

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Ruby Claire said...

I know that importance of hand written letter,It shows real love. Written letter gives a strong feeling of interest towards our love ones.

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