29 November 2011

Brooch Out

I inherited a collection of vintage brooches and pins, from cameos, to owls, to holiday adornments that seem to call my name during the festive season as I search for new was to spruce up my style.

The classic way to wear a pin was at the shoulder, complemented by pearls, hat and gloves. Pins and brooches draw the eye, and placement is key.

Katherine Heigl wears a Brooch in the Updo
Nicole Kidman wears a Bow Brooch at the Nape
Alternative placements that I love: on the hip, the nape of the neck, bodice, hat or headband, or even on a ribbon that is tied at the neck or wrist.

Vintage Pearldrop Clasp worn at the Bodice

Vintage Fan Clasp worn at the Bodice

Vintage Clock Bee Pin
Simple Classic Jewel Brooch
Wearing a vintage brooch will inevitably bring back gads sharing of fond memories.  I hope I have tweaked a few for you.

Brooch Ribbon 2 Tier Necklace

Silk or Satin Ribbon-1 1/2 " wide cut into 4 (24" strips), Sandpaper, Clear Nail Polish, Glue Gun, Jump Rings, Paper Towels

With your wire cutters, snap off backings to your jewelry, using the sandpaper sand down any rough edges, use clear nail polish on any sharp edge remaining.  

Arrange your pieces to your liking.  I used 5 brooches and 4 pairs of earrings.

Add jump rings using the needle nose pliers to connect the pieces together and finish off with ribbon.  Experimentation is key to success.

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