29 December 2011

Lofty Ambitions

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In a couple of months I will be feathering a new nest in an urban setting.  My desire to return to go metro emerged as I realized that while the siren song of nature still called my name, I also longed for the sense of community that is lost on the city outskirts. 

Mid Century Modern Loft
Retro Mid Century Loftspace
 The term "Loft" began in New York City in the 1940s when renters and owners began turning old industrial buildings into living spaces. The original tenants were artists who craved the high ceilings, large windows and open floor plans typical of converted warehouses and factories. Over the last decade, many major cities throughout the world have begun to welcome the idea of loft living, which is a way of bringing life into what were previously deserted parts of a city.

Moving from a woodland passive cedar treehouse to an industrial loftspace feels new and exciting and all at once I am shedding excess baggage and minimalizing.  Streamlined living with one cup, one bowl, one spoon and a large pillow to sit upon is my vision but certainly a challenge as well. I am drawing inspiration to pair back from a vision board that I have created of lofts from around the world.

I hope you find your own lofty ambitions and Happy New Year!.

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