05 November 2011

Homegrown Jazz at Cafe Mitanni

I am hanging out at Cafe Mitanni these days when in Istanbul. This Taksim coffeehouse offers a cool home away from home space to chill out with a cafe americano or a glass of wine.Cafe Mitanni is owned by musician Turgay Demiryürek. Its frequented by musicians, artists and bohemians as well as expats.

The Swing Stars ~ Turgay Demiryürek
with Deniz Mercan and Gorkem Efe.
The ambiance mixes antiques, vintage photography and magazines, with organic, hand-drawn cephalopods; octopus and squid. Each item is surely carefully chosen and well loved.

The house cat, Arap, is family to bookseller and neighbor, Oktay. Arap sleeps all day and I wonder if he is up all night like most of the cool cats that hang out at this hot spot.

Oktay and Arap
Grandmas Recipes Rule
My drink of choice is Hot Milk with Cinnamon.  I also am a fan of the homemade straight-from-your-grandma's pantry recipes.

On any random night, Cafe Mitanni turns into a live music hole-in-the-wall ideal for people who are into a more funky-alternative relaxed experience. Deniz will be behind the bar ready to offer up something tasty.

You can find Cafe Mitanni off the main walking street of Istiklal. Turn towards the water at the Benetton on Çukurluçeşme Sok. No.6/A Beyoğlu.

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