22 March 2011

Spring Ahead With The Latest Trends

Yesterday marked the first day of spring, so it is about that time to put the heavy coats, hats, and gloves away and opt for something much more appropriate. But before you go and reach for your box labeled “Spring Clothes” keep in mind that this season has taken a slightly different turn and instead you may have to reach for the box that is slightly deeper in your closet because this season has taken a time trip.
The ‘60s and ‘70s have made a comeback as designs looked more to the past for inspiration. From outerwear to shoes, and everything in between, look through your old photos, but be sure to only take the good out of the past because something’s should remain where they were left.

Look for spring jackets with an A-Shape that resemble those of the Mod look in the ‘60s. The design flares away from the hips providing a subtle cover up for anyone still working on their beach body. Pair the outfit with some vintage finds like ladylike watches and large stripped totes.

Give your body a break and slip out of the skinny jeans. Don’t get rid of them for good but simply take the opportunity to easily step into some flare-leg jeans, preferably high-waisted ones. Wear these with some other in style pieces like wedge heels and oversized bangles.

As usual don’t be afraid to add color or even some prints, but don’t be surprised if you see more soft colors and nude pallets. Look for some more low-key colors as opposed to always going for the bright, vibrant options. Let your accessories stand out for you.

Overall, for the next few months take the time to enjoy the comfy look that is in this season. Gone are the body-hugging dresses and six inch heels. But as I always say style is in the eye of the beholder and never let what is “in” for that season dictate your whole style. Trends are merely suggestions and it is up for you to take your own originality and play around with some old faves and new finds.

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