12 March 2011

Basement Paintings - Neil Callander Exhibition Opening at Goose Barnacle in Brooklyn

I love to meet folks that have a similar wanderlust and love for unique yet timeless design. I'm just back from a trip to beautiful Burgos, Spain where I met David Alperin, Founder/Owner of Goose Barnacle, NYC's top rated men's specialty store.

I was impressed by GBs "store as gallery" concept; the curated shop carries Svensson, Sebago and Naked & Famous. GB doubles as an art gallery, whether it be art, clothing or handcrafted jewelry.

The shop will be hosting their Spring art opening to coincide with the seasons new apparel debut. Goose Barnacle debuts next Friday March 18, 2011, “Basement Paintings” by Neil Callander.

Described as a still-life series, “Basement Paintings” reveals objects designed for human intimacy, reflecting years of human contact. The name Goose Barnacle harkens back to Alperin’s Spanish roots, referring to a beloved Northern Spain shellfish delicacy his grandmother served him growing up.

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