28 March 2011

The Art of Fashion

Parisian artist, Amylee has found a way to create sustainable fashion by combining fashion and art in her painting and drawing, fashion illustration, and collage.

Brightly colored canvases depict themes of women, film, and portraits, and inspired by vintage fashion with seventies wallpapers and prints.

Mixed media fashion as art combines plastic art pieces with couture.

For an up close and personal Amylee, visit the permanent exhibitions of her work:

  • Galerie NEEL - Paris 2, place des Vosges, 75004 Paris
  • Galerie NEEL - Cannes 3, rue du Commandant Vidal, 06400 Cannes

1 comment:

Amylee said...

Great, great, great and thank you !
Kiss from Paris ^__^