07 July 2010

Posh Polish

Its like “lip gloss for your nails,” says the creative director Nonie Crème. Jelly, the new line of sheer, glossy nail polishes by Butter London, is perfect for the summer months. True to their name the translucent polishes can be worn as a subtle pop of color or they can be layered for a darker tint. The tangerine, grape, and raspberry colors are bright and refreshing, each labeled with a cute British name like chuffed or twee. The Jelly polishes were designed so that you can chose the intensity or your own nail color. Also, the different colors can be layered over top of one another to create unique summer colors of your own.

What could make these adorable nail polishes even better? All Butter London nail polishes including the new Jelly brad are three-free. You might be wondering, as I was, what three free-means? There are three very toxic chemicals in most nail polish and treatments, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Toluene. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and the rival of any eco-friendly shopper. Many companies have recently tried to eradicate these chemicals from their polish formulas, some more successfully then others. Luckily, Butter London was one of the first to eliminate these chemicals and perfect their polishes.

Check out the new Jelly polishes as well as there existing line of polishes (which also come in beautiful, trendy colors) at Butter London!

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