09 July 2010

John Has A Good Sole Soul Sole!

"In 1882 Ida Clark, then 30 years old and single, decided it was time to leave Deadwood South Dakota. After many years in the business, "golden haired and ravishing" Ida caught the morning train and disappeared forever, leaving behind a legend of firehouse balls, suspicious murders, and a missing trunk full of money and stolen jewelry. Using soft dusty pastel leathers, or striped canvas with microfiber lining (vegan), on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, this ankle bootie is already legendary.*"

This is how John Fluevog describes his newest VEGGIE VOG creation. I admit to be a bit of a John F Groupie myself...but you must admit that this is pure sole genius! John sees himself as more than just a shoe designer,

"I'm an armchair philosopher, an artist and a style monger, my shoes and messages are quite simply a part of me."

Thanks, John! I do think you are AWSOME!
...and by the way, John is running a 10th annual John Fluevog thinks we are all AWSOME too SALE right now so check it out for all of your JF cravings.

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