28 December 2009

Sole Power

Tis the season where my boots become my second skin. Between tromping all over the city in my constant attempt to improve my petroleum karma, and a probable bum boot zipper, it pains me to say I've worn through two pairs before even getting through December. Besides looking for a creative re-use for my boots gone bunk, I'm on the hunt for a pair that will walk the walk when it comes to quality, and look darn good doing it. Harder than I thought to find, especially on a budget. However as I do the math, it doesn't take Honors Accounting to figure out that it's going to cost me more to buy three so-so pairs a season verses one quality, timeless pair.

On my search for the perfect boot for life's daily adventures, I came across the California designed and Mexico made (fair trade, of course) Green Bees. Designed from locally sourced materials by the daughters of a decades old shoe manufacturing company, these boots bring together the best in buzz words that will perk up the ears of eco-fashionistas everywhere. Green Bees upcycles old tires into new shoe soles, getting four soles from every one tire otherwise doomed to the dump.

Though these shoes aren't vegan, the leathers used are traditionally processed without any heavy metals or formaldehyde, which for me is a toss up that I am always weighing in my head. My past two boots that I've quickly worn through were man made materials, which means none of the materials involved were made from animals. At the same time, they didn't last or hold up to the elements well at all, which means my materials “boot print” is accounting now for three pairs of boots a season instead of one for (hopefully) several seasons. As anyone rocking a quality vintage pair of leather cowboy boots knows, good leather lasts, and so the energy and resource use of production, transportation, packaging, and all that jazz doesn't need to be expended again with new pair after new pair. I declare this issue hereby open for debate (oh the beauty of the comments box).

Green Bees will also plant a tree for every pair of boots purchased, and you just can't argue with that. The classic design of these boots and beautiful tonal colors will transcend trends while being hip enough for your tucked in skinny jeans or spunky skirt of the season. While I'm still on the prowl for what else the brilliant world of eco-forward footwear could bring, I love the idea of upcycled, fair trade, and too cute to boot!

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Courtney said...

i purchased these beautiful boots right before Xmas, and i am so glad i did. My sister is also i huge beliver in living green an dshe tried to get some for Xmas. Unfortunately everyone was sold out of her size :(...THey are the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn and the quality is amazing! They have not come off my feet since i got them in. Truly the best investment i ever made, and i am a firm believer in sustainability. These shoes are less likley to be thrown in the trash EVER!!! Im trying to eliminate my own waste.

ps. They come in this beautiful recycled tote to store your boots in for travel OR>>>>> I use mine while shopping for groceries! Very SMART