18 December 2009

Green Holiday

The holidays have arrived. The mailbox is filled with glittery greeting cards. The gifts have been purchased and wrapped. Now, it is time for the little details that make holiday get togethers something to remember. And, if you are like me then ambiance is a big deal. Lighting, music, centerpieces,candles and of course your outfit, all play a huge role in creating the perfect environment for catching up with old friends and staying close with relatives. This year make your holiday event environmentally friendly. Use organic items from the backyard like pinecones, herbs and fruit to decorate. If you live in wintry conditions you can order a guilt-free flower centerpiece from organicbouquet.com. Switch to energy efficient LED light bulbs to save on electric. To add some extra ambiance use soy or beeswax candles opposed to traditional candles that emit toxic soot into your home and lungs. I know the pile up of dirty dishes is something everyone dreads. As an alternative visit http://www.worldcentric.org/ for compostable plates, cups, napkins and utensils. Most importantly, the outfit. Show how important green living is with the clothes on your back. Jonano has some beautiful and ethical dresses that are sure to spice up your night. And remember recycle, recycle, recycle...Happy Holidays!

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