28 August 2006

EU Eco-Madness

Environmentally-friendly fashion is spreading like wildfire across the pond.

Room2Detail: Well Fashioned: Eco Style in the UK 2006 Photography: Sam AdamFashion designers, boutiques and clothing companies all over Europe are the latest to ride the green wave. Ethical, environmentally-friendly and sustainable products currently account for a massive £24 billion (over 45 billion US dollars) of the UK market alone.

The European Union itself has established an "EU Eco-label" in the shape of a flower logo which is awarded to companies that have been checked and certified by independent experts. The Soil Association in Britain has an accredited list of organic textile suppliers including growers of hemp - perhaps the most environmentally friendly and under-used of crops.

Room2Wide: Well Fashioned: Eco Style in the UK 2006 Photography: Sam Adam Kate Goldsworthy lectures on sustainable textiles and fashion at Chelsea College of Art in London, one of the only art colleges in Europe to offer a course on sustainability and fashion. She has noticed a "massive" rise in the number of students wanting to apply for the course: "There is now a much more ingrained ethos about sustainability. People are beginning to react against the speed and profligacy of the fashion cycle". Instead of worrying about quick-change fashion's next season, eco-designers are concerned about creating clothing that won't be thrown away, that are easy care and durable.

We may see a greener british invasion on the horizon.

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