01 August 2006

Eco Couture is in Fashion

Embracing the idea of eco Couture is a natural step towards encorporating eco-friendly principles into everyday living. Margaret Mead once said, "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world –For indeed that's all who ever have." Recognizing the need to balance quality fashion with eco-conscious living, sustainable designers create beautiful timeless apparel pieces using certified organic and recycled materials.

Look for classic lines that will be versatile avoiding transient fads. Those favorite pieces you reach for in your wardrobe time and time again have proven their value in style and comfort. By selecting high quality garments that will complement many looks, wash well and coordinate with many colors, you will have the elements to ensemble great looks that stand the test of time.

Consider purchasing chemical free clothing. Cotton, for example, is often processed using toxic formaldehyde finishes. Organically grown, ecologically processed organic fabrics are better for you and the environment. Undyed fabrics are often hypoallergenic and cut down on the amount of bleach and dye leaching into groundwater and waterways during production. Organic fibers are grown without the heavy use of potentially toxic synthetic insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

When choosing your next wardrobe addition, keep your eye on care and washing instructions. ‘Dry Clean Only’ not only will cost more in the long run, but the chemicals involved in this process are potentially toxic. “Perc” overexposure, a standard cleaning chemical used by drycleaners, can lead to birth defects, organ failure and even death. Perc has been found in waterways and drinking supplies in small quantities, leading the EPA to issue new health and environmental warnings.

Investigate alternative fibers such as renewable bamboo, hemp, tencel and soy.
Hemp can be grown organically and can be woven into linen that resists wrinkling, Bamboo and tencel are woody plantation crops that produce fibers that when woven have a butter-soft silk or cashmere feel. Soy fiber fabrics have sleek feel and drape. They are made from the residue of soybeans during the Tofu manufacturing process.

In educating yourself and your loved ones about sustainable living choices that you have adopted, you will feel better, look great and feel proud to know that you are choosing to make a difference.



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