04 August 2006

Eco Petal 2006 highlights greener runway trends

Eco-Petal Fashion Show 2006

West Hollywood is always the place to see the latest in couture, but this year eco chic is heating up the runways. Eco-Petal 2006, held August 4th, 2006 at the House of Petals, sparks a fresh new look at fashion and couture design, celebrating the freedom, passion, and environmental responsibility embraced by sustainable designers.

Top sustainable fashion gurus including Deborah Lindquist, Tara Lynn Scheidet, and Stewart and Brown collaborated with young on the scene designers to create runway ranging from leisure to evening.

Eco-Petal 2006 kicks off a 10-day celebration of designer organic clothing. As sustainable style continues to grow in popularity, perhaps the next decade will herald in a New Green Generation.

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