15 June 2012

When Litter Is A Good Thing

Having previously posted on the glamour of Baz Lurhmann's Gatsby, I developed a fascination with jewelry headpieces after looking at so many movie stills. That fascination led me to a greater interest in body jewelry. I'm not talking lip or belly button rings. Rather, bracelets that wind up the arm and necklaces that can almost double as vests. What I discovered with most of my findings was that the body jewelry functioned as a kind of extension or accent to the clothing and wasn't really a completely separate entity, even though they could definitely hold their own.

Litter, a company based in San Francisco, prides itself in making body jewelry by repurposing jewelry pieces found at flea markets and thrift stores. What I like about this company is that not only do the owners have an eye for finding ordinary jewelry and making it into something extraordinary, but also how they photograph their designs. So often do I look at jewelry which has been photographed against a white backdrop and it's looks so unappealing. In the case of Litter, they almost have no other choice than to create inspiring photos so potential buyers know how to wear the jewelry and their items come off as appealing as opposed to a ball of chain.

Even though some of the pieces might look like they were made from heavier materials, the end product doesn't come off that way when worn. Instead, the construction of each piece make it appear delicate and more unassuming than loud and in your face. While most of the pieces are primarily silver, gold, or bronze, I think adding subtle colors would add another dimension to an already dynamic line. 

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ecobabe said...

I like the idea of making a little noise when I pass by with the chain mail garter. Great find!