04 June 2012

Kitchenware I can approve of

Summer is the perfect time for small dinner parties or lunch gatherings and there is nothing better than having pretty glassware to greet your guests. I can't think of a better way to serve yummy treats than on colorful plates that speak for the hostess's style and specific taste. VivaTerra is one option I found that not only offers plenty of styles and colors for dinnerware, but also ones that are made from recycled materials, are biodegradable, and unique.

These Patterned Bamboo Plates are perfect for creating a warm eating environment and allow for a more minimalist setting. For a nighttime get-together, add some candles or hang bamboo lanterns to complement the colors and designs. 

Just like the bamboo plates, these cups and pitcher are sweet for a casual lunch, but can be romantic when used in a different atmosphere. 

There is also a to-go option with these whimsical thermoses, which are great for picnics or just taking your coffee or tea to work. 

But my favorite find might be the Agate Plates and Coasters

Talk about interesting and unique. The description says, 
"Cut and polished from raw Brazilian stones, these exquisite agates form when water flows through lava holes, depositing silica that adds to their shimmering beauty and stunning luminous colors."
How cool, right?

Even if throwing dinner or lunch parties is not your forte, there is no reason not to fill your kitchen cabinets with kitchenware that makes you feel good and you like to look at. Most of the plates and teacups I see on my shopping trips or ones that have successfully made it back home don't even see my kitchen and instead are used to sit my rings and other jewelry on. They are just too pretty to put food on...

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