13 August 2011

Functionally Sustainable Furniture

Stephen Schultz is an emerging German contemporary furniture designer for the 21st Century. Experimenting in readily available materials including recycled foam, bent steel, domestic concrete, plywood and linoleum, Schultz develops minimalistic and modular pieces that would function equally well in a commercial and residential atmosphere.

The ‘Recycled Chair Couch Sofa System’ is crafted of recycled speckled foam source material and offered in both natural as well as colorful shape options.

Quite a different perspective on the same subject is evident in Schultz’s ‘Comfy Cargo Chair’ which is said to originate from the idea to create a piece of furniture which does not predetermine the surface for the user.

The chair allows the sitter to finish the construction which consists of a bare bones bent steel frame, forming tunnels perfect for tucking pillows, books, blankets and personal items. It seems the idea of “nesting” has not escaped Schultz. Bravo!

For more from the creative eye of Stephen Schultz visit studio-stephenschultz.com

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