11 August 2011

Fresh Fashion: Square Foot for Square Feet

Earlier this year I did a series of post entitled, Fresh Fashion. The idea was to spotlight designs and designers who used their artwork to creatively change the world of fashion. During this time, I loved introducing these works to an audience that may have never been familiar to the designs had they not read it here.

So I decided why stop there. Why not continue to bring light to interesting fashion?

Chipkos, is an eco friendly sandal company based out in LA who protects 100 square feet of the rain forest for each pair of sandals that are bought. Recently the company decided to “step” things up in a big way.

Chipkos is breaking ground by releasing the world’s most expensive flip flop ever. Hand-painted by renowned Los Angeles artist, David Palmer, the collector’s item is priced at $18,000 a pair. On the up side, for each pair that is sold, Chipkos will protect 100,000 square feet of rain forest land.

While I don’t know how many individuals can afford the pricy price tag, the shoes are more targeted toward companies who are interested in making a philanthropic purchase.

I love the concept of this idea and the company in general. Along with its clever design of a more square-ish design as opposed to the round-toe that most flip flops have, the square foot shape symbolizes the square feet of rain forest the company protects.

For anyone interested in purchasing the flip flops, check out the company’s website at www.chipkos.com.

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