12 June 2011

Children Become Eco-Friendly Eaters

The children may be getting ready to put away the backpacks and say their goodbyes to classmates and teachers, but just before they do, an opportunity has been presented to prepare kids and parents alike for the next school year in a very “green’ way.
In conjunction with their efforts to help increase the awareness of an eco-friendly world to young children, Kid Smart Publishing and Kids Konserve, have joined forces to design an eco-friendly lunch sack in connection to the pro-eco-friendly kids picture book “Jimmy’s Gone Green”.
"We hope Jimmy will encourage families to choose safe, earth-friendly products over those that may be harmful to both the environment and kids," said Monique Harris, spokesperson for KS Publications, Inc., the parent company of Kids Smart Publishing.
The reusable lunch sack, made with 100 percent recycled cotton and printed with vegetable-based inks, is free of BPA, lead and phthalate.
I appreciate the efforts this company is taking to inform and educate children of their responsibility to the earth, even better yet, their way in which doing it brings some fun to the process. I have always stated the importance of starting early in life in order to make any social difference, even if that means a picture book and a lunch bag.
To celebrate the release of the new Jimmy's Gone Green Reusable Lunch Sack, Kids Smart Publishing is giving away 100 FREE lunch sacks to the next 100 people who buy Jimmy's picture book, "Jimmy's Gone Green," at http://www.jimmysgonegreen.com/.

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Charley29 said...

i agree on this post. good job!