26 January 2011

Socially Responsible Safety Dance

Looking for a way to join the party this Valentines Day?

Come prepared (pardon the pun).

There is a new socially responsible condom on the market, and by the way, that little pocket on the front of the jeans is commonly known as a condom pocket. What I learned in Brownies and Girlscouts...be prepared, has served me well over the years.

Let’s face it; birth control is complicated, and definitely not stylish. The Pill liberated women since the early sixties, but also shifted the burden to the softer sex, and does not protect against nasty STDS. There is a new choice on the market with Sir Richard’s Condom Company, founded by Mathew Gerson and Mark Kreloff. For every condom you buy they donate one to a country in need. HAZZAH!!!

They are made from latex (a renewable resource) and boxed in stylish, recyclable boxes, and they come in extra large, ultra thin, classic ribbed and something called “pleasure dots.” Find them at stores as diverse as Whole Foods and Fred Segal, as well as their website.

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