18 January 2011

Fash Investing

A few days ago I failed to purchase a piece of wearable art while traveling abroad in a trendy part of Istanbul. It was a stunning architectural purplish grey silk tunic with patches of the thinnest leather I have ever touched…like butter really, however the piece was slightly out of my travel budget. It was also one of those pieces I would probably only wear two or three times a year, though these would have been events to remember, I’m sure, and for me what I wear lends part to how I experience events and interact with the world. It was to die for and I terribly regret not buying it.

The thing is, if not born to money, it usually takes us some time to realize that good clothes are worth investing in, even if more expensive, and by good I mean well made, but also original, timeless, art-like. This is a real part of sustainable style, for classic and timeless art pieces that are well made are wardrobe investments.

These pieces delight us when we buy them, and continue to bring joy to us as we recall the occasion when we found the piece and the events to where we wore the garment. As a fashion enthusiast, I am passionate about collecting textiles and fashion, and although I did not make an investment on my recent trip to Turkey, my philosophy is Life is Long and more opportunities lie just ahead.

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