15 November 2009

Feed Your Face with Organic Skin Food

Lets talk about how we nourish our faces - face food! We know that what we eat can affect how we look. Is the same also true for our skin? I want to share with all of you my own personal organic skin diet...Dr. Alkaitis!

Dr. Alkaitis, his daughter Trish and I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of years ago and I gave the good doctor a challenge. If he could find products in his toolkit that would not irritate my extremely sensitive skin, I would tell everyone I know and even those I don't about it. Well this is no small challenge as up until that day the only thing I could apply to my most sensitive skin was pure organic aloe vera gel which I kept stored in the refrigerator. Dr Alkaitis assembled a nice meal for my skin and I have been a fan ever since. My skin glows with good health, not only because I eat well, but my skin eats well too...and smelled amazing!

If you are looking for a new skin care line and want to invest in something you know will work for sensitive skin, I can guarantee Dr. Alkaitis will not let you down.

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