31 March 2009

Spring Break Eco Chic

Wanna get away? If you’re going somewhere warm for Spring Break like I am this week, you too know the challenges of packing a wardrobe for a week in a TSA regulation carry on bag II am happy to share with you my weeks picks for my own little get away...in gorgeous shades of sun-kissed sand and turquoise waters, a few fabulous pieces make it easy to look chic, pack lightly and honor the earth that you set out to enjoy.

Sun protection is a must for me and nothing protects my freckle face and hair better than a wide-brimmed hat. The San Francisco Hat Co. offers several styles that fit the bill, including my personal favorite, the Classic Panama Straw Sun Hat. The fine straw hats known as "panamas" actually originate in the mountains and the coastal regions of Ecuador, a must visit on any travel hounds list Panama hats are made from sustainably harvested young leaves of the Carludovica palmata. Because Carludovica is not a true palm, young leaves can be picked without threatening the life of the tree.

The indigenous craft of weaving gives artisans an opportunity to work for themselves and earn money without having to forsake their own communities and cultural traditions. Best of all, thesee hats are rollable for travel and a must have for sun-filled days. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you may find it as hard as I did to pick just one.

never travel without Jonano's ecoKashmere Asymmetrical Hem Bandeau Dress! I have so far found at least five different ways to wear it. So simple, so streamlined, so many possibilities! Wear it as a dress, top, skirt or use your imagination. A perfect travel piece!

Better than barefoot, Planet Flops makes eco-chic and comfortable flip-flop sandals. The difference is in the rubber. FLOPS are made in beautiful Brazil with remarkably soft yet durable natural Brazilian rubber. Synthetic rubber is manufactured from petrochemical feedstocks, with crude oil being the primary raw material. The harvesting of natural rubber occurs by harmlessly "tapping" into the tree to remove a milky sap from the bark.
This does not affect the health of the tree. Instead of destroying the rain forests for the timber or to make room for ranching, rubber trees provide a renewable, sustainable source of income for the millions of people living there. In addition, rubber trees are an excellent source for removing CO2 from the environment. Doing good for those in need, Planet Flops gave over 9,000 pairs to Soles4Souls Inc., the international charity that sent the footwear to several different orphanages to help fill the tremendous need that exists among children living in poverty. In addition to their natural rubber construction, which provides a firm but comfortable platform, FLOPS come in a delicious array of colors, with names like Apple, Chcolate Candyfloss and Coconut. These are the most comfortable, flexible and fashionable summer footwear you can own and when you’re ready for a new pair, simply return the old ones and they will be recycled and you’ll get a 10% discount on your next pair. A must-have fashion item that offers style, distinction and comfort in one superior product!

Slip on iWood’s Boxy Aviators and you can cover up and stand out. With only limited quantities of wooden sunglasses produced each year, I have joined the ranks of a small circle of discerning
individuals. Each pair of iWood ecodesign wooden sunglasses incorporates the best components selected from around the world. The temples, being 100% fully adjustable, are imported from Italy and precisely fitted into each pair of wooden sunglasses. The lenses, also imported from Italy, are optical quality with 100% UVA/UVB protection. All aspects from the finish to the temples are hypoallergenic. These features combined with the qualities of wood deliver a lightweight, bold, international statement. iWood ecodesign uses exotic veneers made available by today’s global economy. Each pair of iWood sunglasses is designed with the environment in mind, using the highest quality, eco-sustainable, exotic wood veneer. These oh-so-chic shades are individually crafted with the most modern techniques combined with old world craftsmanship to set you apart in a sea of sunglasses.

Ive greened my life and now my travels too by packing it all in Stewart + Brown’s Green Heart Tote. There's an original, two color graphic printed on this double lined bag, with a button closure and one inner pocket. Made in USA of 100% organic cotton surplus fabric. Surplus is excess fabric or material leftover from manufacturing. Rather than being discarded, the existing fabric is used to make these fabulous tote bags. The folks at S&B are so smart...by utilizing what would otherwise be scrap, salvage items reduce waste, save additional resources and use less of the Earth’s precious capital while still producing great products with a purpose. Brighten your day and show your love for Mother Earth with this hip and handy tote!

Bon Voyage Everyone!

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