10 December 2008

Perfection, found.

For as long as my ears have been pierced, I have coveted one single style of adornment, the hoop earring. Sure, starting at the age of 16, I had my days of enamel butterflies, pearl studs, crystals, beads and even diamond solitaires, but I always went back to that simple, single, circular hoop. Yes, through the years I’ve loved many ... different styles from the small huggers to the all-time favorite soda can-sized summer of love silver stunners of the 70s. There is something so special about them all. I notice that in many of my photos I’m wearing the same pair of silver favorites. We've enjoyed many good times together. I adore these earrings.

Now I’m craving them in gold. Melissa Joy Manning has perfected this perfect accessory and she does so in recycled silver and gold. (Santa, are you listening?)

Melissa Joy Manning jewelry is handmade in Oakland, California by trained metal smiths earning a living, working wage. We manufacture all components of our jewelry in our own studio using only the finest materials purchased from our trusted, American suppliers. We believe in ethical business practices and green resources.
These beauties are offered in a variety of shapes such as square, oval, triangular, elliptical, hexagonal even rockin' stars. Oh, and the colors! Pink or yellow gold as well as silver. And there’s a size for every mood. So many choices and only two ears. What's a hoop lovin' girl to do?

This weekend I’ll be going through my jewelry box in search of those earrings whose mate has gone astray, anything less than perfect. And I’ll be cashing all of them in at a gold buying party. Yes, that’s right. I’m trading in the trash to a company who recycles gold and getting some cash in return. And I’m taking my money and buying the most perfect pair of hand forged hoops, in recycled gold, of course. (Oh, and Santa? I've been very good. And I like the triangles in pink gold. And silver stars ... and ....)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring this beautiful jewelry. I have these hoops and wear them eveyday. Melissa Joy Manning's designs are gorgeous.