28 December 2007

Scandinavian Style and Sustainability

Enlightened parents seek only the best when it comes to their precious little ones, and a pure, natural environment is vital to children of all ages. While I have no little ones at present, my friends always reach for organically grown when outfitting their newborns to ensure that baby stays safe and free from harsh chemicals and dyes.

Embracing the idea of making a positive impact on the future of the planet, new Sami Baby Collections select only the highest quality organic and natural fabrics that utilize Earth’s natural resources in an eco-friendly manner. Organically grown bamboo fabrics are soft, naturally antimicrobial, and gentler on baby’s delicate skin. Best of all, their ringspun bamboo and organic cottons are softer, more luxurious and healthier not only for your little ones, but also for the environment.

The Sami Baby name is derived from the Sami tribes of arctic Scandinavia, with roots stretching back thousands of years. The first people to settle along the Northern Arctic, Sami have been using the land in harmony with nature for thousands of years. Inspired by the Sami traditions, Sami Baby Collections invoke the ancient Sami tradition of living a symbiotic relationship with the world that is truly essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Baby is wearing Sami Sleeper in a lullaby ‘Counting Sheep’ pattern...mom is wearing the ecoKashmere bandeau dress - so cute and looks great on her at 8 months pregnant.
Best of all, bamboo ecoKashmere is produced in an environmentally friendly manner that's easy on the earth, your Sami baby will look sweet and feel great too.

Safer for the environment and baby, my friends always look for organics that are not only chemical-free, but also produced without any harsh chemical bleaches or dyes. Organically grown ensures that the fabric and crop remain pure and free from harmful chemicals and dyes. As a result, organics are not only gentle on baby’s sensitive skin, but also safer for the people who make the clothes, for the farmers who grow the crops, and for the environment.

Sami Baby is now available, on line at www.jonano.com and at better retailers worldwide.

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