15 December 2006

Jonäno ecoKashmere gets Material Acclaim

Jonäno announced the inclusion of their signature ecoKashmere bamboo fabrics into the collections at Material ConneXion’s four libraries in New York, Bangkok, Cologne and Milan. Material ConneXion is the world’s leading knowledge base for information about new and innovative materials.

Apparently there is more to bamboo than what meets the eye. The material was chosen as an addition to their libraries Natural Collections because of its innovative nature. Bamboo is said to have fared well in testing against germs and bacteria earning it the honored title - antimicrobial - naturally.

The fabrics do feel quite lovely and I was impressed by their softness. EcoKashmere bamboo blends are easycare with the tactile texture and breathability of cashmere or silk. Jonäno is releasing a new Spring/Summer line that promises to be multifunctional and streamlined in natural fiber basics that meld sustainability with design.

Harmonizing with the jonäno mission to merge boutique fashion design with environmental awareness, the ecoKashmere™ Line displays passion for ecological sustainability.

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