30 November 2006

Project Lu

China is one of the planets biggest polluters and has the potential to effect the greatest change environmentally. That's why I toast Project Lu as we transition into this new season of reflect on the past year.

Lu mean's Green in Chinese. This new rag will showcase green products, and speak to sustainable lifestyles and fair wage living conditions. Bravo in a land emerging into capitalism so rapidly!

Fashion designers like Kenneth Cole, Carlos Miele, and Betsey Johnson have been invited to climb on board. Green architects, musicians, artists, poets... Wendy Brawer of Green Maps, Sara Shannon, Wendy Tremayne, Bena Burda, Jonano, Delia Montgomery of Chic Eco, models from the Ben Barry Agency. Art directors, stylists and photographers will incorporate environmental themes into their shoots.

Reportedly, Lu is not planning on play it safe. Some of the most controversial writers in the zine scene are working on exclusive interviews and articles that bring attention to serious issues.

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