06 July 2006

The fiber debate; eco-reporter Lucy Siegle

Lucy Siegle of the Observer wrote a brief but illuminating article about the increasing popularity of organic textiles back in February.
Fur is also less polluting than fake fur (although this argument presupposes that we're all desperate to wear any kind of fur, fake or otherwise). However, 85 per cent of fur products come from farmed animals and although, according to America's Fur Commission, it takes one gallon of oil to make three fake-fur jackets, the amount of energy needed to make a real fur coat from these farmed animals is 66 times greater than that needed for a fake fur coat.

Do a search from the Observer website for Lucy and you will find similarly interesting articles, from topics ranging from the eco-friendliness of your barbeque to how to make an ecologically sound wedding registry.

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ecobabe said...

There are many options for those who want to wear vegan.